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Step 1 Top up printing account at print kiosk (near photocopiers in the library) or in Booknest shop.

Step 2 Print document and select a library printer. Make sure you pick a bw printer if you are only printing black and white.

Step 3 Pick a colour printer if you are need to print in colour.

Step 4 If you pick a printer with the word "copier" in it, you are actually sending your printout to a photocopier.

Step 5 Go to the pcounter website. Click Your documents for printing. Double check everything

Step 6 Tick beside the document and press "Print"

Tips: When doing colour printing just print one page first to make sure you are happy with the quality. you can send your print job to anywhere in the college so make sure the printer has the word "library" in the name

Possible printers/photocopiers copiers in the Library your can send a print job to

Library printer pool bw (black and white printer (bw) in the Info Zone)
Library printer pool bw social (black and white printer (bw)  in the Social Learning  Zone)
Library printer pool colour (colour printer in the Infozone)
Library copier pool bw (you need to release your print job from photocopier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 - instructions are stuck on the photcopier)
Library copier pool colour (you need to release your print job from photocopier 4 - instructions are stuck on the photocopier )

More detailed instructions, costs and troubleshooting  at

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