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online resources iconWhat browser and software do I need?

The website  has been created to be used by Internet explorer 10 or above, or the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox). It is your responsibility to check that whatever browser you use has the proper plug ins installed.

The Databases and other services such as room bookings require a modern browser. This is due to the providers (The people who own Science Direct for example) adopting modern web standards in their products. 

In a nutshell- Edge, IE11 in the correct compatibility mode, Latest versions of Firefox, safari and chrome all work.

Some Issues we have noticed

  • Web of Science will not work in Internet Explorer 8 or 9.
  • Science Direct will stop support for Internet Explorer 9 on January 1, 2017
  • Summon advanced search does not appear to work in internet explorer 9
  • Ebrary will not work in  Internet Explorer 8 or 9.
  • Emerald for example only properly works in IE10 and IE 11 or the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.
  • Summon needs either :
    • MSIE 8+
    • Firefox 22+
    • Safari 5+
    • Chrome 29+
    • and also needs javascript to be turned on.

You can upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 here (for windows 7 and above operating systems)

Chrome browser  webpage

Mozilla Firefox webpage

What Software and Plugins do I need

You should also have Adobe Reader installed and Flash (optional)

If you wish to download ebooks to a laptop or pc you will need Adobe Digital Editions

If you wish to download books on to your ipad/iphone or android tablet or phone you can use any ebooks reading app as long as it supports an Adobe ID. We recommend Aldiko or Bluefire Reader. 


You need to have JavaScript turned on in your browser. Find out how here at


You need to have cookies enabled to use exproxy (which gives you access to the library databases)

Mostly they will be enabled by default in your browser anyway. 

Here is a helpful guide from WikiHow on how to enable cookies in your browser. (it opens in a  new window)

Delete your Browser Cache

Sometimes if you are getting errors in your browser it is a good idea to delete the cache. Please note that this will delete your history.

Here is more info:

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