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To get your student card as a distance or online learner, all you have to do is upload your student photo. Once this is done, let us know by email and it will be posted to you. 

How to upload your Student Photograph

If, as a student, you haven’t logged into a PC or laptop in the Institute before or if you haven’t successfully logged into Moodle then carry out the following instructions to reset your login password;

1. Go to 

2. Select the Online Services menu.

3. Select the second option, Change Password.

4. Enter the following login details;

a. Username: CAMPUS\Student ID {e.g. CAMPUS\S00012345}

b. Old password: {Your Date of Birth in the format DDMMYYYY with no / or - in between DD, MM or YYYY}

c. New password: Must at least 6 characters long and can be mixture of numbers and letters.

d. Confirm new password: Re-enter your new password here.

e. Select OK.

Once you have setup your new login password then carry out the following instructions to upload your student photograph;

1. Go back to

2. Enter your Student ID in the Username field (without the CAMPUS\ prefix) and your new login password in the Password field.

3. Under the Online Users section on the left hand side of the homepage, click on your name.

4. On the Profile page, click on the Edit Profile tab.

5. On the Edit Profile page, scroll to the Picture of section.

6. In the New Picture field, browse to the location of your student photograph and choose the Open button. For reference regarding the format of the photograph and Terms of Use of the system, please see here.

7. Scroll to the button of the Edit Profile page and choose the Update Profile button.

8. Inform the  library that you have uploaded your photograph by emailing:  Include your Student Number in the email and your preferred address for us to post you your card.


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