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First of all make sure that you sign into EOLAS. 

  • Run a search and view your results. 
  • Click the Search History Link that is beneath the search box.
  • The Search History displays above the Result List.
  • To close Search History, click the link again.

Note: The search history  includes only the searches from the current session. Unless you save your search they will dissapear.

Save your Searches 

To save a search or create an alert make sure you have the search history display open . (to open it again click the Search History Link)

Click  the Save Searches/Alerts link. The Saved Search/Alerts Screen appears. If you have not signed in you will be asked to do so. 

Enter a Name and Description for the search. 

In the Save Search As field, select one of the following:

  • Saved Search (Permanent)
  • Saved Search (Temporary 24 hours)
  • Alert - If you selected Alert, additional fields are available. For more information, see “Saving a Search as an Alert.”

To save the search, click Save; otherwise, click Cancel

Merge searches

You can merge an old search with your current one by ticking the search box beside the old search and then clicking the Search with AND or the Search with OR buttons. Don't forget to click Search (Figure 2)

Other Tools

  • You can copy your search into an RSS reader – Click the RSS alert icon
  • Rerun an old search- Click View Results link
  • View Details – Click a View Details link 
  • Revise Search – Click a Revise Search link. The search screen is displayed with your search term, allowing you to change your search.




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