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Mendeley is a reference management tool. Like Endnote. 

To view the images in more detail, click on them and they will open in a new browser tab.

The registration steps below will also create a ScienceDirect login for you. If you already have a ScienceDirect login just use it instead. 

Step 1: Create an online Account

To get started go to

Click "Create a Free Account"

Do NOT Click Sign up/in via your institution. The Mendeley software is not compatible with it yet. (Note August 2019- this is working now) 

Next fill in your email address and name and click "Register"

You can fill in your role and field of study if you want, or you can click skip this step. (If you don't skip it it can make a public profile)

Click continue to Mendeley. 

Step 2: Install Reference Manager Software

Install the Reference Manager software. Click the button. Direct download link for desktop.

Get Reference Manager screenshot

Windows instructions

Once downloaded, double click to install it. Make sure all other apps are close, especially word. 

Click Yes on the next screen that appears asking if you want to make changes to your device. Click Next on next screen. Click I agree on the license  screen. Click next and choose default location for  the install location screen. Next click install. (basically click yes and next on all screens that appear- as easy as lemon pie)

Run the software. 

Step 3 Login to Mendeley Desktop

Login using your email and  password. (make sure you have followed step 1 above first)

If you created an account by logging into an institutional account you wont be able to use this software as Mendeley desktop does not fully support it yet.

Step 4: Install citation plugin for word:  Cite-O-Matic 

Once the first window that appears you will notice that there are 2 bits of software needed. You already have the reference manager installed, now we need to install the citation plugin for word. If you closed that page by accident, you can download the citation manager plugin here

Make sure Microsoft Word is closed. Click Install now.  This is really quick. When installed you will see a green button on the open screen to say it is installed. Make sure you uninstall or disable the endnote plugin in word before you begin. 

plugin install page


Step 5: Check everything is working in Word. 

Open word and click on the References Tab. 

The Image below is the only part of word that is the plugin. 

Mendeley plugin


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