Answered By: Aine Meehan
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About this Guide

Sometimes as an online learner if you are using a workplace device or workplace internet you will see the following error when trying to search Eolas.

This guide shows you some steps to get around it. Please let us know in the comments below if this works or not. 

To view the images in more detail, click on them and they will open in a new browser tab.

Eolas is the name we call Ebsco Discovery Service or EDS. They mean the same thing.

Shibboleth is a method for accessing library databases and resources that we pay for you to use.

eolas screenshot

(Image 1)


  1. Click on the login again link (image 1)
  2. Click on the Shibboleth Login Link (Image 2)
  3. From the Select your Region or Group choose Irish Edugate Federation (Image 3)
  4. Click on the link for Institute of Technology Sligo that appears (Image 4)
  5. Click on the EBSCO Discovery Service link. This is the Eolas link (Image 5)
  6. The normal login screen now appears. Use your college email address as the username and your normal college password as the password. (Image 6)
  7. You will have to accept the data protection consent on the next screen. Click Accept to use Eolas/EDS (Image 7)

You should now be in Eolas and be able to search as normal.

eolas screenshot

(Image 2)

eolas screenshot

(Image 3)

eolas screenshot

(Image 4)

select new service screenshot

(Image 5)

login screenshot

(Image 6)

gdpr screenshot

(Image 7)