Answered By: Aine Meehan
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 Eolas allows  you to search for journal articles and books from the library databases. Think of Discover as one search box that searches most library resources and curated open access resources.

Why is it best to use Eolas or the databases instead of a Google search?

The biggest reason is that the quality of the information you find is better and has been critically appraised. In most cases the sources in Discover have been specially selected for your courses. 

What is a library database?

An online website such as Science Direct or JSTOR. These websites are  full of different types of information you need to research and do your assignments .

The  library subscribes to these for you to use. You have to sign in using your college student number and password to get access. Read More 

Examples of types of information in Library Databases

  • eBooks
  • Full-Text Journal Articles
  • Conference Papers
  • Case Studies
  • International Standards
  • Annual Reports
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Citations

What is not included in an Eolas search?

The following will have to be searched separately from Eolas as they are not included