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Q. How do I use eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)?

Ebook Central is our ebooks package

Answered By: Sinéad Kelly
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eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) is the name for our electronic books collection. You have access to thousands of ebooks that can be viewed or downloaded on or off campus.


  • For the direct link go to the Yeats Library Home Page

  • Select the circular blue databases icon

  • Choose eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)  from the dropdown list of databases and Click Go

  • If you are off campus you will need to enter your Institute logon (same as for Moodle) to access the database.

Simple search, download, reading.

There is a search box on the Home screen.

For example, enter the search term "human resource management"     (The use of " "quotation marks will search the term as a phrase)

Click Search

You are shown a list of books.  Click on the title of one of them

You will see details of the book, including a table of contents with links to particular sections.  If you Click on a section from the table of contents you will be brought directly to that section.  


An indication is given under “Availability” of how long the book may be downloaded for and also of the number of pages that may be copied or printed from it.  You are given the option to download the book to a laptop, iOS or Android device by Clicking the Full Download link.To download a book you must be signed in to your personal Ebrary account.  You are also given the option of downloading a chapter.


Otherwise Click Read Online to read the book from the beginning on the screen.  The contents will be at the left if you wish to Click directly to a section.  You can also scroll down through the book using the cursor or scroll bar, or move from page to page using the arrows at the top right of the screen.


h Results: 1 - 10 of 5,164

  • 1.
    Book Jacket


    By: Carbery, Ronan. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan. 2013. eBook. Description: Having an understanding of people issues in the workplace is at the heart of human resource management and is relevant not only to future HR managers, but to all employers and employees. Human resource management: a concise introduction is a lively and refreshingly succinct textbook which not only covers all the core areas of the subject, from recruitment to managing rewards, but focuses on helping you develop the practical skills you will need to succeed in your HRM course and into your future career. ... (AN 1522753)Add to folder


Other Functions

Download to your own device - similar to the Download link on the main information page for the book

Chapter Download - similar to the Chapter Download link on the main information page for the book

Copy                   Print        Because of licencing restrictions you will be limited in the amount of pages.

Add to bookshelf - a personal work area

A link to allow you to share the book

Get citation - this will allow you to export a citation to Endnote (see Endnote Web Basic Quick Start Guide)


You can also search for a word or phrase in the book you are currently reading by entering it in the Search within book  search box over the Table of Contents and Clicking Search Document.  The number of occurrences of the word in each chapter will be indicated by the length of the blue lines to the right of the chapter titles.  By Clicking the triangle to the left of the title you will be shown links to the various occurrences of the word

Advanced search

Click Home from the black bar at the top of the screen to return to the main page.

Click Advanced to open the advanced search options.  (Remove any search terms already in the search boxes)

(Note:  Clicking the + symbol will add more search boxes allowing you to add extra words to your search)

Choose Title from the Search In drop down menu.

Enter the term human resources in the search box

In a second box, choose Title again and enter the term management


The search in drop down list will allow you to define if your search term should appear in the title, subject headings, text etc. of the book.

Click Search. A list of books will display. 


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