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This guide assumes you have already found the book on the shelf.

Borrow a Book at the Information Desk

Bring the book up to the information desk with your student card. A library staff member will scan your card and check the book out to you on the library circulation system . You will be given a receipt for the book which have the return date printed on it.

Return your Books- 3 different ways to do it!!

  1. Hand the books to a staff member on duty at the information desk
  2. Or.... Place in the book returns postbox
  3. Return your books using the Quick Check self- service machine

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Renew your books

If you need your book(s) longer than their return date, you can renew them, this extends the loan period typically by the same amount of time you got it out for in the first place. 

So if your book was due back in 2 weeks time, a renewal will give you another 2 weeks. 

There are different ways to renew your books-

  • Phone us up and give us your student number
  • Call to the desk and give us your student number or bring the book in
  • Renew your books online from home or college yourself
  • Renew your books using the Quick Check self- service machine

(You will not be allowed a renewal if someone has a hold (reserve) on the book you have out.)

How to Renew books  Online 

Go to

Click Login and login using your college email address and password.

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You will notice that libsearch (library catalogue) now has a button that says welcome "your name". Click on that to view your library account.


The books you have on loan should be listed.

Tick to select books to renew, and then click the "renew selected" button, or click "renew all" to renew all your books.


New Feature: You can download the ical/.ics file on to your device/pc to add a due date reminder to your Google/Outlook/icloud calander.

If you get stuck email the helpdesk and we will renew your books for you.You can renew your books up to 3 times online, after which you have to return the books to the library. (in person or by post if you are an online learner)

If someone else has a hold (reserve) on the book you have out, you will not be able to renew and will have to return the book(s) when they are due. 

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