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How to Find a book using Eolas Search

First of all you need to search Eolas for the book to see if we have it, and if it is on the shelf or on loan.  Go to the Library website at

  1. Type in BIG search box and click Go. You will then be prompted to login using your IT Sligo logon if you are off campus. Your username is your email address in the form or for staff. Your password is the one you created when you first logged into a college pc or used
  2. You have more control over your search and there is a spell check and suggested phrase/keyword and publications if you use the advanced search.

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Limit to print books

To limit to print books in the library tick 

The best thing to do is to sort by date up at the the of the page.. Also stick the author name into the search box if you know it and click search, for better results.

Next check availability. If the book is on loan a date will be displayed which is the date the book is due back. Write down (or take a photo with your phone) the call number. (we sometimes call this the class number just to confuse you!!! but they mean the same thing.)

Research Starter info on class numbers and the Dewey Decimal System. (way books are arranged in libraries)



Go to the shelves and look for 657 WOO

(The WOO bit is called a cutter number and is the first 3 characters of the authors surname)

(Each shelf has a poster on the side showing what class/call numbers sit on it)


Borrow the book

Go to the Information Desk and present the book and your id card /student card to the Library staff member on duty who will then check out the book to you. You can use the Quick Check Machine either.

You have to try to find the book yourself but if you are completely lost or need assistance staff who are working at the information desk will come to the shelves and help you out, you just have to ask.

Please note that the Information Desk opens at 10am every day.


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  1. Please ask us at the information desk if you need help finding the books on the shelves. We would be delighted to show you how it works.
    by Aine Meehan on Thu,May,2015.
  2. Updated for September 2017
    by Aine Meehan on Fri,Aug,2017.
  3. Eolas is the brand name we have given to the discovery service from a company/publisher called EBSCO which is why sometimes in Eolas search when you view your folders for example you might see EBSCO
    by Aine Meehan on Thu,Aug,2017.