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Off Campus Database Access

The library uses 2 methods for authentication. We use ezproxy and shibboleth.

For both methods we use a custom link. The easiest way to get the correct link to a database is to copy it from our Databases A-Z list. This ensures that it will work both on and off campus.

Past Exam Papers

The past exam papers and undergrad dissertations also use ezproxy so while will work on campus you need for off campus access

Cant access databases?

Are you fully registered? Could you be blocked for late fee payment? Are you behind a company firewall, or using a company laptop?(you will not get access because your workplace has placed restrictions)

Please be aware that when we subscribe to a database we might only subscribe to a collection in that database, so check out our Journal A-Z list to check full text coverage if you are not sure if we have full text. 

Sharing Links to articles and ebooks in Moodle

The easiest way to create a link for Moodle that will work both on and off campus is to find the resource in Eolas or the Journals A-Z  and use the persistent link from there. Find Out More

If you need to share a link to a resource not included in Eolas (sai global, Irish Times Archive, IHS) you can try the Ezlink Creator below, but keep in mind that some of the non-Eolas databases do not use persistent linking, so you might be better off telling the students to search for the resource themselves in that database rather than trying to give them a link that will expire. If in doubt just email us and we will configure the link for you. 

EzLink Creator

1. Copy and paste your persistent web link here :

2. Click this button:

3. Copy and use the resulting link :


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  1. Let us know if the bookmarklet does not work. I'm not too sure if it works or not on the ebsco journal persistent links
    by Aine Meehan on Thu,May,2015.

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