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Yeats Library has access to over 30,000 journal titles. Less than 100 of these are in print format while the rest are via online (electronic) access

What is a journal?

A journal is a publication containing articles written by researchers or academics on the most current research within a specific topic or subject area.

Journals are often referred to as periodicals or serials because they are published at regular intervals - weekly, monthly or annually like newspapers and magazines.

 Journals are generally published with a volume and issue number and these are important to use when referencing a journal article.

What is an e-journal?

Online journals are referred to as e-journals or electronic journals.

Searching for a journal title

The Journals A-Z contains a complete list of journal titles in both print and online formats which the library has subscribed to. To search the Journals A-Z

  1. Click on the Journals A-Z link from the Library Homepage
  2. Enter the title (ISSN from the drop down menu) details in the search box provided and search.
  3. Use the See Full Search option to browse the complete list of journal titles alphabetically or search by subject area   

If the journal is available through our print or online resources (as an e-journal), the access details will display. 

Print journal titles can also be searched via the Library Catalogue on the Library Homepage use the by selecting title from the drop down menu to enter the title details in the search box. A library record will display giving journal publication details, holding details (how long the library has subscribed to this title) and the date of latest issue received.

Searching for a journal article

Use Summon to find journal articles:

  1. Enter the article title into the search box with inverted commas such as “Druids' altars, Carrowmore and the birth of Irish archaeology “(from Journal of Archaeology vol.19, 2010)
  2. Search Summon for an article title using keywords and the filters on the left of the Summon page to refine the results to peer reviewed and/or full text etc.

Journal articles can be:

Scholarly:  written by academics and researchers for academics, researchers and professionals in a specific area of study. Journal example: British Journal of Social Work

Peer – reviewed:   articles or research proposals that are reviewed by experts in that subject area.  Only those that meet the required standards are published. Journal example: Journal of Irish Archaeology

Professional/Industry-related:    industry focused on current trends or products in a specific field or market etc. Journal example: Ceramic Review

Full-text or abstract only: Online journal articles can be fully available or may have publisher restrictions making only the abstract available. (Check that the Summon filter for full text is on to refine search results)

Journal articles not in stock

For journal articles not available or not in stock requests can be submitted to the Inter lending and Document Supply service. Check Interlending and Document Supply FAQs for more information on request allocations. 

Print journals in the Library

Current print journals are shelved in the Info Zone beside the Library Information Desk. The most recent issue is displayed to the front on while previous issues are shelved underneath just lift the flip shelf for access.

The journals are arranged in alphabetical order by School – School of Business and Social Sciences, School of Science and School of Engineering & Design.

Print journals cannot be borrowed and are for reference use only within the Info Zone and Quiet Zone.

Issues from previous years are stored in the journal archive room. These can be requested via Journal Holdings Request Form.